” We are the Marvailherien. We are creatures lost on the border between the madness and the trance. Yet, we are conscious. We were Men formerly and we dream with you since the night of the origins. Our dreams and our hallucinations are haunted by creatures and divinities of the old times. Prick up your ears… Depths from the ground, a rumor scolds more and more hardly and invades the air. It is the gods who return. “


Orin - déambulation celte, Cernunnos

Bugeliezh, Oad-gour ha Kozhni…

Childhood, adulthood and old age.

Three facets of the same reality : the Celtic god Cernunnos. The Company Dro Lig makes a return to basics and dives in the heart of the Celtic legends to propose its vision of the old divinity. Man, woman, child, old man… His appearances are multiple.

So, this new show stages the god-deer Cernunnos under the shape of three stilt walkers, representing three ages of the life. The antique divinity returns among the Men thanks to the power of the Marvailherien, storytellers of the old times.

Orin - Légende celte, Cernunnos

” Past, present and future, gathered in the same place. Our music carries three aspects of Cernunnos and gives them the power to intervene with you before it is too late.

Observe them. Do not move back, do not close your heart. Listen to the story of Cernunnos.
It speaks about nature, about the infinite cycle which governs its laws.
It proposes a simple return to the origins during a simple tale.
It is Orin. “

Orin - Légende celte, Cernunnos

Characteristics :

– 3 stilt walkers and 2 artists on the ground (music + lyric song)
– 3 wanderings of approximately 30 minutes per day

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us.