The Sprites of Brouille Art

Close your eyes. Imagine. Dream. Broceliande, deep and mesmerising forest which keeps carefully its many secrets. In its heart, a passage towards the magic world and, beyond, another more mysterious forest. No doubt that the Sprites of Brouille Art come from over there ! In the middle of their breedings of ladybirds, dragonflies and bees, they enjoy a peaceful life, far from the bothers and the rumours of the city. When comes the evening, their songs and their laughter resound under the vault of trees. Let your imagination carry you… They may not be so far !

Les Lutins de Brouille Art

Cheerful, mischievous ans roguish, these nicely sharp-eared crazy creatures never miss a single opportunity to party and to play with people they meet ! Their clothes are of leather, bone, fur and pearls ; their instruments resound up to the sky and beyond the borders of the known worlds.

Wandering stilt walkers show, the Sprites of Brouille Art will make a point of cheering up with games and roars of laughter every places they will pass ! Lightness and joy of life will be key words thanks to this dive in a world of fantasy and of poetry.

Les Lutins de Brouille Art

Characteristics :

– 2 to 4 stilt walkers
– 3 wanderings of approximately 45 minutes per day

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us.